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Tuesday April 11th, 2017


Hello Everyone,


As you know, we aim to regularly re-publish online versions of National Institute of Continuing Education courses. Last year we re-published 12 bringing our total to 20 online courses re-published since November 2015. We have 15 more to go. For a list of the re-published courses, please click the following link:




Even though we've got more than enough course development work to keep us busy, we are very interested to hear from our JobReady system users on what new free courses, or at least some form of e-Learning, you would all like to see developed. As such, we have created a one-stop-shop for you to make a suggestion as well as vote on and provide feedback for other course development ideas that have already been made. We'll respond to each suggestion and also keep track of which course development ideas we've completed; all in one place.


Below is the current page set-up. You can access this page by clicking either the image below or by clicking this link.




























We hope you enjoy checking on this page from time to time to see what we've completed and voting on the suggestions that other users have made.


Thanks for your continued interest in taking the different free courses available on JobReady that fit your career and learning needs. We hope you find the courses to be of value!


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