Please use the Mozilla FireFox Internet browser when playing the free online courses

Saturday January 13th, 2018


Hello Everyone,


We've created this news item page to let you know about something important you should take note of regarding the free courses published by the National Institute of Continuing Education.


The short story is:


For an optimal playing experience, please use the Mozilla FireFox Internet browser.


If you don't have this Internet browser, you can download and install it for free via the following website address:


To explain why we recommend you use this Internet browser when playing the free courses, please continue to read on below as we give you more details.


The course catalog, with 35 courses currently, traces its roots back to even before the JobReady system was launched in 2008. This course catalog was actually first created and published in 2005.


Since then, these courses have always functioned properly no matter what Internet browser you use to play them.


They continue to play fine when used with major Internet browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla FireFox.


However, within the end-of-module quizzes, we discovered an issue in late 2017 that only seems to affect people who are playing the courses when using the Microsoft Edge/Internet Explorer and Google Chrome Internet browsers.





















One of the issues that you may experience has to do with the "Submit" button. Some people, but not all, will click the "Submit" button after making a question choice and then discover that once Submit is clicked on question one, the Submit button disappears and you can't proceed to the next question.






















Another issue is that, if you are actually able to complete all questions of a quiz, you may find that at the end of the quiz the screen is "blank" and you just have a "Finish" button but no indication of how you did on the quiz.























Please note that neither of these issues occur when you use the Mozilla FireFox browser.


While some of you may not experience either of these issues regardless of which Internet browser you use, we do recommend you use the Mozilla FireFox browser to ensure you do not inconvenience yourself.


As of now, we are in the process of investigating this issue further (January 2018). Considering these courses have been available in their current form for a few years and this issue only surfaced in late 2017, we do believe it to be a temporary issue due to some Internet browser automatic software updates in Internet Explorer and Google Chrome that are not compatible with the course playing software we use. We have no control over this other than to inquire with the course publishing software company on what best next steps to take with our catalog of courses.


For the people who play our courses however, we recommend using the Mozilla FireFox browser while we continue to sort this issue out.


For any further concerns or questions about this issue, please contact us.


Thank you,


The JobReady Support Team.






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