Online Course for "MS Excel Fundamentals - Part 1" Re-published

Wednesday April 27th, 2016


Hello Everyone,


We are pleased to announce that we have re-published the "online" version of the follow-up course titled "MS Excel Fundamentals - Part 1".























First published in 2007, this updated course comes with updated content based on MS Excel 2016, new images, Youtube videos, screen recordings, new guide/slide download links, a search tool and an improved experience in a number of areas when compared to the original course.


There was so much content to cover for MS Excel 2016 that we decided to split up the course into two parts. Hence why this course is called "Part 1". The "Part 2" of the course will be published sometime in late May hopefully.


For the now 33 self-directed courses published by the National Institute of Continuing Education, please note the majority of all the courses are available in downloadable guide and downloadable slide format at this time.


We aim to re-publish 2 to 4 online versions of the courses each month over the span of 2016.


There have been 12 online courses re-published so far. For a list of these courses, please click the following link:


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