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Monday April 24th, 2017


Hello Everyone,


The new JobReady Online Community Network website is now available at its new, unique and easy-to-recall website address:


So you read that right: there's no .com in this website address.


You will notice many improvements on this community website versus the legacy community website which will be shut down on or before May 12th, 2017.


This new community has JobReady colors and branding, a blog, JobReady news feed, training provider link list, ability to register via Facebook, Yahoo etc. We also have the ability to track website traffic more accurately and add additional content, features, functionality etc. So you will definitely see it improve over time; not just with all the content we post but also in the functionality to some degree.


All of the previous content we posted on our soon-to-be-shutdown community has been transferred over to this new community but please note that if you registered before on the old community, you would have to register on this new community if you wished to again participate.


Please note you do not have to register on this new community in order to access its content.


The main reason for this switch to the new community is the Get Satisfaction company that has provided our current community platform for free since 2013 is discontinuing the free community platform offer as of May 12th, 2017. This is understandable and we thank them for providing us free access over the years. The other reason is the "Ning" platform which the new community is based upon is something we've been considering switching to for a year or two anyway. There's certainly so many features with their software that we can take advantage of for your benefit. It's amazing we launched our JobReady system community back in May 2012. Thousands of people have visited this community since that time and have no doubt been helped by it.


We look forward to moving forward with our new community website platform and all of the features and content building capabilities it has to offer. You all will benefit from this exciting new development so be sure to check it out. The more you participate, the more we all benefit.



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