Experience Works JobReady System Celebrates 10 Years!

Monday January 1st, 2018














The JobReady System brought to you by Experience Works, Inc. and Swift Innovative Technologies, LLC, is celebrating its 10th anniversary of being an invaluable online career development solution for the people it serves.


Launched January 1st, 2008 and originally named "JobReady Program", the "JobReady" System has seen over 69,000 people use it over the past decade. Several of the original team members that launched JobReady in 2008 still work for the company that operates and updates it today. They are passionate and committed to having JobReady continue to provide people the exceptional career development utility that it does.


There have been thousands of career matches provided, skill tests passed, online courses taken, individual employment plans created and certifications earned over the past ten years. Without a doubt, so many have been helped in a big way by JobReady.


It has enabled Experience Works to transform the way they deliver career development and case management services to their participants; lessening the cost while increasing the content, resources, and services their staff can provide.


To help celebrate the anniversary and support its past and present participants in their career development efforts, the JobReady content development team at Swift Innovative Technologies, LLC will be creating a free brief eBook to be made available for download ASAP later this year entitled:


"High Value and Free Career Development Resources".


To be notified when the eBook is available for download, please submit your name and email address via this page. When it is released, it will be made available via the pre-login JobReady Resources page.


''We are excited to celebrate ten years of JobReady'' said Marc Sleeth, Director of Client Services.  ''It has been an honor and privilege to be serving EW participants since day 1 of JobReady in 2008, and I look forward to many more years building upon the fantastic system we now have. We are proud of our innovations and the value we have provided to participants, and we are indebted to Experience Works for the unwavering support they have provided us over the years. Their commitment and vision to JobReady since the beginning have made this all possible.''


''Working with the JobReady system over the last seven years has been my absolute pleasure!'' said Eileen Hendrix, JobReady System Manager.  ''Having worked with EW for over forty years, I still remember the day when EW leadership announced that all field staff would begin using an online Assessment tool known as ''JobReady''.  I remember feeling disappointed with that decision because I was afraid that an online Assessment tool would be difficult to use in the field, but it did not take long for me to realize what a wonderful tool and time saver JobReady was!  After a few weeks of being ''pushed'' to use it, I became completely sold on it and looked forward to completing Assessments and IEP/Reassessments in the system.  I liked it so much that in 2010, I gave up what I thought was the best job in the whole world  (Employment and Training Coordinator) to take the position of JobReady Manager. Over the years we have improved and enhanced the system by adding many new features including electronic signature & IEP email capability, automatic IEP email reminders, Case Note & Confidential Case Note sections, Training & Employment Outcome sections, Activity Logs, various courses, tests & reports, and the ability to earn job skill Certifications which has proven to be highly desired, and extremely effective for our participants. Even truer today, JobReady continues to be a time saver for our field staff, allowing them to manage their participant database in an online, easily accessible format, while at the same time, provide participants with the ability to learn new job skills and update existing skills in an effort to obtain gainful employment. JobReady is a win-win for everyone!''



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