Introducing the Help Library

Monday April 2nd, 2018


Hello Everyone,


On the front end of the JobReady system, before you login, we have added a "Help Library" green tab in the lower right corner of the website. Please note we have not yet added this tab within the JobReady system but we may do so at a later time.






















When you click it, some system help related topics will display.























Simply choose the category you would like help with and then click the "Article" title associated with that category.


















You will then see instructional content related to that topic.


You can also search through the library quickly by typing in keywords (e.g. "Login") into the "Search our Help Library" search box. Finally, you can also click "Contact Us" in order to send us a request for additional assistance.


To close the library, simply click the "X" button in the top right corner of the Help Library window.


In the coming weeks and months, we will continue to build out the "library" with new categories and articles related to the JobReady system.


For any further concerns or questions, please contact us.


Thank you,


The JobReady Support Team.


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