Four Courses Fixed

Wednesday September 5th, 2018


Hello Everyone,


We have 20 of the free online courses that we're fixing up that had an issue with the quiz submit button not working; especially when the Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome Internet browsers were used.


The 20 affected courses are listed via the below link.


Click Here


We discovered the issue was with the course publishing software we used for those 20 courses.


We just recently fixed and re-published 4 of those courses and they are:


1. Resume Fundamentals


2. Time and Priority Management


3. Essential Reading Skills - Part 1


4. Re-Entering the Workforce course


You'll notice the fix if you take these courses.


We're continuing to work on the remaining 16 courses. The courses can still be taken and if you use Mozilla FireFox, you'll have a likelier chance of not experiencing this issue.


Thank you for your patience.


For any further questions, please contact us.




The JobReady Support Team.


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