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Please note that the new community website address is:


Before entering the JobReady Online Community Network, please note that it is completely optional on whether or not you register. If you wish to simply review what is in the community, questions, answers, ideas etc without registering, that is completely up to you.


If you choose to register, you can do so with either your real name or a nickname. You must also specify a valid email address.  You may also register with your Facebook social media profile.


Before signing up for the community, you will be able to review the terms of service and privacy policy.


Later, you can change your email address and add a photo of yourself, your location, and other information by clicking on the Profile menu options at the top right section of the page where name is listed. Your information will be used only by our support team and will not be shared or sold.


Before clicking "Agree", please read through and confirm your agreement with this community's User Agreement:


The following user agreement can be summarized as "be kind, and play fair." As you interact with the people you are about to meet, please think about the person behind the online profile, and remember that you are part of the same community.


By clicking "Agree," I agree that the information I may share in the community will be shared with the others who have signed in to this community support network. I also agree to hold Experience Works harmless for any adverse consequences that may occur from participating in this community network. If I click Disagree, I will not be able to continue.


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