Summary of System Outages Experienced May 5th and May 6th

Friday May 6th, 2016


Hello Everyone,


As many of you were aware, we had 2 two system outages recently.


1. Approximately 3:30 PM through 6:30 PM Eastern on May 5th.


2. Approximately 11:52 PM through 1:47 PM Eastern on May 6th.


We apologize for the inconveniences caused by these outages. Both were caused by two separate issues.


The May 5th outage was caused by our third party system front-end website hosting provider. They are a top-tier well respected hosting services provider who we've used for many years. This outage is exceptionally rare for them, so we don't anticipate an outage like this to occur again anytime soon.


We believe the May 6th outage was the result of an oversight related to a previous transition project away from a legacy platform that JobReady is now no longer connected. The issue could be summed up as a technical "loose end" that needed to be fixed once the legacy system was unexpectedly taken down by a third party recently. As such, we also do not anticipate this particular issue to cause problems again.


Thank you all for your patience, and we look forward to continuing our strong track record of system availability. We are currently at 98.38% for the month of May and will look forward to getting back up above 99% by month end.


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