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2008 - 2018

Celebrating ten years since its launch in 2008, welcome to the Experience Works JobReady system!


We are pleased to provide this online service which will help to identify your employment goal as well as your existing work skills. This information will then be used to match you with the best possible training opportunity available in your community.


The JobReady system along with the assistance of Experience Works staff, will help to identify existing skill gaps as well as the core skills required for your desired job choice. Together, you and the Experience Works staff will create an Individual Employment Plan which will outline the training that you will need to help you prepare for gainful employment.


The combination of on-site training, blended with the online courses and tests accessible through the JobReady system, will enable you to master all of the core and related skills required for your desired position.  The JobReady system will also allow you to earn job skill certifications at no cost to you, which will be branded by the National Institute of Continuing Education. These certifications can be added to your resume and will help to demonstrate your skills and abilities to employers as you begin your active job search.


Please note that an Experience Works Employment and Training Coordinator will work with you to develop a host agency assignment as well as a training plan that will assist you in working towards your employment goal, and help to prepare you for your desired job.


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