Important Update - Re: Course Quiz Submit Button Issue

Friday July 6th, 2018


Hello Everyone,


We've got important updates and some great news for you regarding an issue we highlighted earlier this year on January 13th about the free course quizzes and their "Submit" buttons disappearing after being clicked.



We have isolated the issue as follows and are now in the process of rolling out a solution:


> It occurs with courses re-published after March 15th, 2017.

> For affected courses, the Submit button disappears if the answer was marked correctly.

> 20 courses have been affected by the issue including:


1. Essential Computer Skills

2. Essential Office Skills

3. MS Word Fundamentals

4. Resume Fundamentals

5. Time and Priority Management

6. Green Industries and Occupations

7. Effective Business Communications

8. Telework Fundamentals

9. Essential Customer Service Skills

10. Money Management Fundamentals 1

11. Money Management Fundamentals 2

12. MS Excel Fundamentals - Part 1

13. Essential Math Skills - Part 1

14. Essential Math Skills - Part 2

15. Interview Fundamentals

16. Job Search Fundamentals

17. Entering the Workforce

18. Re-Entering the Workforce

19. Essential Reading Skills - Part 1

20. MS Excel Fundamentals - Part 2


The issue does not affect the following courses:


1. Essential Telephone Skills

2. Essential Sales Skills

3. Essential Reading Skills - Part 2

4. Essential Reasoning Skills

5. Essential Interpersonal and Teamwork Skills


> The issue was caused by a "bug" in the software we used to publish the 20 courses. The bug involved the display of pop-up windows that had audio. The pop-up window would not display if there was audio associated with the pop-up window (i.e. audio is only present in quizzes with pop-up windows for correct answers and there is no audio for incorrect answers).


> Although users had some success with not seeing this bug if they used Mozilla FireFox, it was not a 100% workaround. Some users also experienced the issue with FireFox too, primarily caused by updating the browser to a version that was affected by the issue. All users experienced this issue in the 20 courses mentioned above if they used the Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome Internet browsers.


> As per an "Articulate Software" update released on March 15th, 2017, which we were using soon after that date when we published the Essential Interpersonal and Teamwork skills course on May 29th, 2017, all 20 of the courses affected by this issue can be corrected if we re-publish them using the updated software and re-upload them to the JobReady Learning Management System (LMS).


> An example of a course that has had this issue corrected is "Telework Fundamentals" which was first re-published on February 2nd, 2016. You can access it via the JobReady system as usual now or via the below link and see for yourself that the Submit button is now working OK on the quizzes.


Telework Fundamentals Course Link


> We are now working to get all 20 of the affected courses re-published with the fixed course publishing software and then re-uploading all the course files so that the Submit button works for you when you click it; no matter the Internet browser that you use.


> Once we have completed this project, we will make another news release. For now, please continue using the Mozilla FireFox Internet browser as a possible work around solution.


For any further questions, please contact us.


Thank you,


The JobReady Support Team.


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