Issue with "Courses" links and some "Take Course" links

Monday January 25th, 2016


Please Note: This issue was fixed as of 10:00 AM Wednesday January 27th, 2016


Hello Everyone,


As you may have noticed, after you login to JobReady and click any of the "Courses" links found on the "Skill Inventory" or Job Display Pages, the JobReady system will continually try and process the link click but not do anything. Eventually you may notice an error message after clicking "Courses".

This issue may also occur for SOME of the "Take Course" links found via the Resources tab. The affected courses are:


a) All Life Skills courses


b) All Career Skills courses


c) These Essential Skills courses:


- Essential Computer Skills

- Essential Telephone Skills

- Essential Reasoning Skills

- Essential Reading and Comprehension Skills

- Essential Medical Office Skills

- Essential Math Skills

- Essential Computer Skills


Please note:


1. All courses on your "Learning Plan" page still work OK.


2. If you need a particular course listed above placed in your Learning Plan, please just let us know the course title(s) by clicking here and we'll make it happen.


3. This is a short term issue and we're hoping to have it resolved as soon as possible. Our system developers are aware of the situation and are working on it. We hope to have normal course access restored later this week.


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